“In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught.” - Baba Dioum

We believe that education is fundamental to address climate breakdown and the dangers of the Anthropocene. Our Foundation started an educational project in 2016.

Our Educational Program

The environment seen through art: a series of digital lessons

To respond to the challenges faced today by academics, we are expanding our digital content in collaboration with many institutions, using Anne’s art, her films, the story of each image and its message. The lessons are in English or Italian.

Our first lesson Our Ocean (27 minutes) wants to highlight the importance of the Ocean for our planet. Anne uses the stories and the symbology of four of her installations created around the planet to bring to life UNESCO’s “7 Principles of Ocean literacy.” She also addresses certain educational themes that are becoming increasingly relevant for the school of the future. The lecture concludes with her beautiful short documentary One Ocean.

Anne urges each of us to make a choice: CHOOSE THE OCEAN!

Stay tuned for the next lessons about endangered species and ice loss.

For extra materials:

Full lesson – Our Ocean

Ask Our Students

What can we do to create a sustainable future?

"If we want to survive longer we definitely have to restore the planet."

"We need to make the world cleaner and not use cars too much. Or we can always go around by foot, by scooter or by bike"

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Speaking Panels

Our founder, Anne de Carbuccia, also speaks at universities and institutions around the world to spread awareness about the Climate Crisis. She inspires students with her powerful stories, images and messages. Anne has also been a featured speaker at the 2019 United Nations World Oceans Day conference and at institutions such as the William Alanson White Institute, one of the world’s most prominent psychoanalytic training and treatment centers.