“Art gives me a voice for the planet. It gives me hope.”

All proceeds from the sales of the artwork go to the Time Shrine Foundation to fund free exhibitions globally and support NGO’s in the field to protect endangered species and environments.

Timeshrine Series


Melting glaciers, desertification, floods, refugees. Water, the most precious resource on the planet, has become the most dangerous.

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In 2050, more that 700 million climate refugees could be on the move to big cities.

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Do we want our archeology to be trash? Do we want our children to breathe with masks?

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We are no longer a small world in a big planet, we are now a big world in a small saturated planet.

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The Timeshrine Series

Timeshrines honor and capture the beauty of the planet that is vanishing. They speak to our origins, our beliefs, and what we cherish. They emotionally draw us in and perhaps challenge our complacency. Anne draws inspiration from 16th and 17th century Vanitas Art which features the skull as a mystical object to remind us that as mortals, we have choices to make. The hourglass, the most ancient way of calculating time, reminds us that time is fleeting. The startling appearance of these shrines invites us to reflect on where we come from, who we are, and what we want for the future.

Collective Art


This series of multimedia art is the result of an artist collective which unites Anne’s Timeshrines with powerful graffiti writing. Every single word has a meaning, every single paint stroke is brushed with purpose. These works communicate the urgency of our climate crisis and the need to take action now.

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Public Art

Urban & Community Art

From murals made in collaboration with other artists to Text based art, to installation, Anne is taking her art and message to the streets and public spaces as instruments of change.

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