One Planet One Future is an ongoing artistic project by Anne de Carbuccia to document human caused threats to the environment.

One Planet One Future

Anne de Carbuccia uses photographs, installations, videos and conferences to document human-caused threats to the planet, “what we have, what we may lose and what we have already lost”.

One Planet One Future harnesses the universal language of art to raise awareness and inspire individual action. Through her photographs, Anne de Carbuccia aims to draw attention to the current environmental crisis and to move people to change behaviors and habits that contribute to it.

Anne de Carbuccia’s photographs are taken on location and are both an homage to their subjects—water, disappearing environments, endangered species and cultures—and a hard examination of the often ruinous effects of pollution and war. They record what is fast disappearing for future generations while serving as a plea to reimagine a new world.

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One Planet One Future photography, film, and art installations highlight human-caused threats to the planet including water scarcity, species extinction, and pollution.

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Time Shrine Foundation

The TimeShrine Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to support the creation of the artwork and aid the effort to raise awareness of environmental preservation and climate change.

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de Carbuccia

Anne de Carbuccia is a French-American artist.

Her studies in Anthropology and Art History at Columbia University developed her interest on the dangers of human beings as a new geological force.

She has traveled the globe for several years documenting with her artistic photography and films the impact of mankind on the environment: water scarcity, endangered species, disappearing environments and cultures.

She invented the Time Shrines, on site installations she creates and photographs in symbolically significant locations, that inspire her artistic project One - One Planet One Future.

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Our events

Here you can find all One Planet One Future events around the world

2018 - All year round

Racing against extinction... Completed!

... And we need your help! One Planet One Future is partnering with Ol Pejeta for a year-long virtua...

October 19 - November 16

Askeri gallery presents One Planet One Future exhibition in Moscow

Last year (2017) Russian public saw works of de Carbuccia for the first time in the Moscow Museum of...

October 14 - 15 | 12 to 7 pm

Westbeth NY Open House/Open Studios

Westbeth open for visits! Led by Westbeth residents, the guided tours will include highlights of The...

September 28 - November 15

Brun Fine Arts presents a solo exhibition of Anne de Carbuccia

In October 2018 during Frieze London and Frieze Masters week, Pandini-Brun Fine Arts will present a ...

4 September

Premiere One Ocean Film - Giornate degli Autori 2018 - 75th Venice Internationall Film Festival

World premiere of One Ocean, a film by Anne de Carbuccia and music by Ludovico Einaudi. Come watch w...

Jun 23 - Sep 30

One Planet One Future Exhibition Naples

One Planet One Future Exhibition will take place from June 23rd to September 30th 2018 at Castel del...

28 and 29 April - ALL DAY


Westbeth’s annual dance festival takes place in various spaces around the historic building. This ye...

April 17 to 22 (11am to 7pm)

One Planet One Future hosts childrens' artwork

One Planet One Future Milan exhibition hosts the artwork of the Tommaso Pini School's kids, as a con...

17 April

Meditation session with Donna D'Cruz

Is with pleasure we invite you to participate to Dip into Bliss meditation session with Donna D'Cruz...

29 March

An Evening with Jeanny Tsai & Guests

A multidisciplinary evening hosted by Jeanny Tsai, a portrait photographer of the women of Brazil. J...

15 March

Celebration of Women Empowerment

Join Anne de Carbuccia for the unveiling of her new photograph and short film in collaboration with ...

13 March

Dip Into Bliss with Donna D'Cruz

OPOF NY’s monthly meditation series, a process of reconnection to our essential nature. Music. Breat...

5 February

FCNL / OPOF Storytelling & Lobbying Workshop

On February 5th at 6:30pm there will be a free storytelling and lobbying workshop co-hosted by One P...

18 January

Meditation session with Donna D'Cruz

Is with pleasure we invite you to participate to Dip into Bliss meditation session with Donna D'Cruz...