Lessons for the planet

The environment seen through art: a series of digital lessons from environmental artist Anne de Carbuccia

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ENDANGERED SPECIES (18 mn) recounts why we have entered the sixth mass extinction. Anne uses the stories and the symbology of four of her most powerful installations on endangered species to show us what we are about to lose.


“Today we have the power to decide who lives or not on our Planet.”


OUR OCEAN  (16 mn) wants to highlight the importance of the Ocean for our planet. Anne uses the stories and the symbology of four of her installations created around the planet to bring to life UNESCO’s “7 Principles of Ocean literacy.”


“Without the Ocean the Earth would be just another lifeless planet. Let’s learn that!

POLLUTION & SOLUTIONS (Part I – 13 mn) recounts the impact and extent of the damage caused by our human footprint to the planet and all species. But today we can transform such a big problem into an opportunity!


“We have a choice and we need to decide now. Do we want our archaeology to be trash?”

POLLUTION & SOLUTIONS (Part II – 17 mn) recounts how more and more citizens and institutions consider climate change and pollution as the worst inter-generational violation of human rights. But there are still several futures possible and it’s now that we are choosing the one the next generations will live.


“The next generations have the right to a clean future and we should all act upon that”

THE FUTURE OF GLACIERS (20 mn) shows us how much the world of glaciers has changed and how Anne’s art has evolved with it. Scientists say we are reaching a tipping point. We need a new individual and collective approach to save them, but we already have the solutions.


“The survival of ALL of us wherever we live on this planet depends on our glaciers. Find out why!”